Goodlife Health Club Wintergarden

    I am currently working out of Goodlife Health Clubs in Wintergarden, Brisbane City. I am running a very successful business …


    HPC graduate - Director of HIIT Station Pty Ltd

    HIIT Station is a Strength & Conditioning Center that specializes in Muay Thai (Kickboxing) Fitness. What was the reason that …

  • Chris Wilson

    HPC - Townsville

    I wanted to say thank you for the experience you have given me during the time I have spent training with you.

  • Dela Weir

    HPC - Personal Trainer

    I loved every minute of studying at HPC. The staff were so friendly, professional and knowledgeable and I looked forward to my 2 days a week there.

  • Jeanine Piva

    HPC Student

    HPC was exactly what I was looking for; the staff were professional, inspiring at every level and simply on the ball. This place had team spirit, I felt alive and motivated!

  • Kristen Howard

    Personal Trainer at Apogee Fitness

    Hey there, my name is Kristen and here's a little bit about my journey to become a qualified Personal Trainer ... When my partner and I reconnected I started exercising again after having 2 little girls.


    Express Fitness

    It was back in August 2009 that I decided to become a Personal Trainer and after researching the Industry I …


    Price Fitness

    The knowledge I learnt from HPC has made me the successful businessman and highly professional trainer I am today.

  • Melinda Tweedie

    Club Manager - Anytime Fitness Maryborough

    In 2015 I started a fitness journey and lost 50Kg...


    Olympic Gold Medallist - Beach Volleyball

    GT and HPC’s ability to make learning about the human body and what it is capable of fun. As a …

  • Penny Worland

    HPC student

    I have always loved working in positions where I am helping others. Fitness has always been something I have been interested in, however, I never really thought of it as a career that I would be able to do successfully.


    Gold Coast Trainers

    I had been struggling with body image and self esteem issues for a long time. I was out of shape, …



    It was the end of 2012 where I found myself lost; unmotivated and undecided as to where I wanted to …

  • Tiffany Papaemanouil

    Australian swimmer

    Being an elite Australian swimmer I have come across numerous strength and conditioning trainers and their coaching techniques from all over Australia.


    Ironman Champion

    The HPC Certificate III and IV course is by far the best course I have done in the fitness/training industry. …


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