Here at HPC, we have always prided ourselves on being leaders in the industry. We are passionate, well researched and it is important to us to stay ahead of the game.

Over the years, many have tried to replicate what we do, not only are we on a different page – we are in a different book!

HPC is about to revolutionise the fitness industry and once again lead the way in evolving as our industry grows. We know that some will question, many will follow – but we will always lead the way!



That is right – you heard it here first. We know it sounds crazy – we thought so too….but turns out it is fact!! Read on and let us explain.

As active members of the fitness industry, HPC has representatives attend regular council meetings to stay informed of what is happening in our industry throughout the Gold Coast and to form relationships with other businesses that may prove beneficial to our students.

As the topic of the outdoor training council permits was discussed, it became apparent that there is no regulation nor requirement that commands proof of a certificate III & IV in fitness to gain a council permit and personal train people on public land. An applicant must merely provide evidence of adequate insurance, a current first aid certificate and a Queensland blue card (if any participants are under 18 years of age).

This really got us thinking – if the council didn’t need proof of qualifications – then who does? Let’s face it - have you ever asked a personal trainer for a copy of their qualifications? How would you even know if they have a qualification or are insured?

This discovery lead to months of researching and filtering through outdated industry ‘standards’ to try and unravel exactly what WAS needed to be a legitimate personal trainer – who makes the decisions for our industry? Who sets the standards? Who makes the rules? The truth turns out to be that most of it is just history repeating itself. Old rulings are still circulating the industry and most people don’t think to question it - until now……..you see what many people don’t realise is that fitness is a COMPLETELY unregulated industry. There is NO governing body. There is no such thing as having to register with a particular Company to be recognised in the industry. These are the facts and if you are being told any different – we URGE you to check your source.

Our research was pointing to a conclusion - the ONLY reason that people have needed their qualification, is to purchase insurance which will protect them in the event of a claim. So therefore, it is the insurance that is the critical factor – not the qualification. A qualification WITHOUT insurance will never protect you to train anybody therefore the insurance IS the only requirement.

Now we are getting somewhere.

From here we entered discussions with an insurance broker that specialises in providing fitness and personal training insurance. We worked closely with them to understand SPECIFICALLY what they were looking for in order to insure a person to train the public. After lengthy discussions and negotiations – it turns out that the insurance is interested in skill set and the competency of the person to be insured. Until now, the qualification has been the only way for them to verify that competency.

So………if we could measure and demonstrate a skill set and competencies WITHOUT a qualification – does that mean they could still be insured?


HPC is the first AND only fitness education provider to have an agreement from an insurance company to provide EXACTLY the same insurance cover that you would get with your certificate III & IV in fitness. This is a brand-new revelation and has never been done before! We are on the cutting edge of a change in our industry and we will ALWAYS do what is best for our students and prospects.

I repeat, completion of the HPC Skill Set in Fitness can get you the SAME insurance coverage as a person with a certificate III & IV in fitness. HPC is the ONLY education provider offering this opportunity and is the only way to gain this level of insurance without your certificate III & IV.

How is this possible?

The insurance company have worked in affiliation with HPC for the last 7 years. They know who we are, they know what we do, and above all they know the unrivalled high standard to which we work and deliver our training.

Yes, there will be continuous assessment of the skill set throughout the course by our Trainers but there will be NO theory assessments whatsoever to complete.

Why are we doing this?

This is a great question! There is absolutely no benefit to OUR business in making this recent discovery public – if anything our business ‘loses’ as we will be offering the ‘Skillset in Fitness’ at a lower cost than our Certificate III & IV in Fitness.

The winner here is YOU! The student. We pride ourselves on transparency and staying ahead of the game. Streamlining the process for some students is going to make all the difference in them getting to a point where they are out and working in the industry without the need for theory work for those with a lack of time or

Who is this course aimed at?

oEntrepreneurs and trainers intending to run outdoor fitness, boot camps or open their own gym

oPeople who do want the qualification and are doing this for personal knowledge – to help their own training and that of their family and friends

oAny sports people and coaches that want a better understanding of the content the certificate III & IV delivers – without all the theory work and the higher $$ outlay

Why should we trust you?

Because we are and have been leaders in the education sector of the fitness industry for the last 11 years. We are a Registered Training Organisation which means that we have been approved by the Government to deliver our training and as a result are very heavily regulated in all that we do. Nobody comes close to delivering the standard that we do.

7 years ago, we broke the mould and lead the way in educating people that they could get fitness insurance WITHOUT registering with certain bodies or ‘earning’ points. Back then it was unheard of, now it is understood and accepted in educated people as the norm. You see, we weren’t wrong – we just went first!

We teach our students to ‘ask questions’, ‘believe nothing’ and ‘confirm everything’. We are so proud to say that it is this system that led us to this very outcome. Sometimes, you never know just what you are going to find - but you must keep digging until you uncover the treasure.

We are so excited by this!

We have seen too many people let their dream and their purpose slip away as they don’t have the capacity to fulfil the theory requirements of the certificate III & IV qualification.

So many excellent trainers that can REALLY be changing lives…. but their literacy may not be where it needs to be ‘pass’ the extensive theory assessments.

So many driven mothers who have found that fitness has really overhauled they’re and that of their families and they are driven by the passion to show others a healthier, happier life – but they just don’t have the time to juggle the family and complete the theory requirements.

Time after time the dreams slip away and INCREDIBLE trainers slip back into a mundane life that they do not love.

Australia is suffering, and people need our help. HPC wants to help (not hinder) those who choose to dedicate their lives to helping and save others.

Where there is a will there is a way – and we have just found it!

This course is not nationally recognised


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