It was the end of 2012 where I found myself lost; unmotivated and undecided as to where I wanted to be in life. Yeah I had my health and fitness but I wanted to make a difference.

2012 was a year of instability, and the constant daily grind was starting to get to me. l was working 40-­50 hours a week at two jobs I thought at the time were enjoyable, all to pay off debts I could never get in front of.

Lucky for me I scored my big break; I was selected to go on the reality television show, “Big Brother”. This gave me insight to the world of opportunity where I soon realised exactly what I wanted and where the next step was. With my background in hospitality and working with people and my passion for my own health and fitness, it was only a natural step for me to start my Personal Training Certificate at the Human Performance Centre (HPC).

For me to obtain my Certification with the Human Performance Centre (HPC) was an easy choice. The Certificate III and IV in Fitness at HPC is a great course and in my opinion, along with many other fitness professionals, it is easily regarded as the best fitness course available in the country.

It was HPC that provided me with the theoretical and practical skill for greatness, and it’s HPC that has given me the ability to be self-­employed at the age of 22. This means I can make my own choices and am no longer working for the man. Perfect for who I am as a person, ready to make ‘real money’.

For the past 13 weeks I have run my business from HPC’s elite training facility. I have been trained by the best, I train out of the best facility and therefore I get the best results for my self and most importantly my clients.

By attaining the Certificate III and IV in fitness along with developing other personal attributes I had met the minimum standard expected for an individual to begin mentoring as a HPC trainer. Since this milestone in my life I am now constantly, on a day to day basis, developing life skills. I do this by surrounding myself with not only my fellow HPC trainers but also our clients. All of which encourage discipline, time management, knowledge, professionalism and the endless pursuit of health and wellbeing. The outcome from being a part of an environment as unique as this is now evident in my results personally and professionally.

The advantage I have over the rest of the industry is that I went to HPC and I do all my ongoing courses within HPC. Continually developing myself as a professional.

Knowledge is power and when you know about your body and how to train it then you can begin to make a difference to not only your own life, but to the lives of everyone you come in contact with.

In the beginning I was presented an opportunity. I now have HPC and the positive impact it has had on my life to thank for the life I get to lead, the people’s lives I am fortunate enough to be a part of, and the difference I can now make.

You are now presented with that same opportunity, what you choose to do with it, is up to you.


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