I had been struggling with body image and self esteem issues for a long time. I was out of shape, unfit and totally overweight. When I finally decided to make “the change” in my own life I did it completely on my own. I went through the long and arduous task changing my diet and learning how to train and develop my physique. Along the way I made tons of mistakes and did a lot of the wrong things. When I had finally reached a physique and body I was happy with I promised myself that I would help others do the same but use my own experiences and knowledge to keep them from making the mistakes I did. I knew that in order to help people I would have to become an expert in the field of fitness, using not only my experiences but industry knowledge as well, so I decided to get certified as a personal trainer.

For me HPC was a simple and obvious choice. When I decided I wanted to pursue a career in the fitness industry I was actually pretty deep in debt, so I did a huge amount of research when it came to fitness qualification providers as it was a massive decision for me. I found HPC to be head and shoulders above every other provider I could find. It offered state of the art equipment a fantastic learning environment and its graduates were some of the most highly regarded fitness professionals in Australia.

HPC really provided me with a platform to become successful in the fitness industry. The information I learned prepared me to handle any situation I would come across as a trainer. I learned a lot about the business side of the industry as well, which gave me a leg up on a lot of the competition. I ended up becoming an HPC trainer and running my business from within their state of the art facility. HPC gave me the confidence to expand business and develop as a personal trainer as I knew I had been grounded in the best possible educational environment.

My advice would be to do what I did. Do your research. Visit the HPC and talk to some of the trainers and students there. Talk to gyms owners and PT managers and find out for yourself which provider produces the best quality most successful PT’s.

Not to be brash, but getting my certifications at HPC literally changed my life forever. When I started my course I was in debt, working at a job I hated and had a body that I wasn’t totally happy with. Now thanks to HPC I live a dream lifestyle. I am financially independent, get to work in an industry I am extremely passionate about doing a job that I love. I have tons of free time, work with new and interesting people all the time and keep myself in top physical condition.


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