• Penny Worland

What made you want to study fitness?

I have always loved working in positions where I am helping others. Fitness has always been something I have been interested in, however, I never really thought of it as a career that I would be able to do successfully. This was until last year! To be able to motivate someone to better themselves will be extremely rewarding and I cannot wait to start! Fitness is not just about going to the gym, it’s about incorporating nutrition and exercise together as a lifestyle!

What was your turning point?

Last year I worked with children on a daily basis and was very surprised at how unfit, unhealthy and unenergetic most of the children were. What surprised me the most about working with the children was the fact that the majority of their diets were full of only packaged salty and sugary foods, vegetables and fruits were unfamiliar to them, and they spent their nights/weekends stationary inside behind the tv/tablet screens.

As a mother it’s always been important for me to ensure my child is getting the right nutrition and exercise to live a healthy life. For me to hear that some children did not consume vegetables or fruit, and were not outside playing was extremely disappointing.

This was my big ‘light bulb moment’. My aim when I finish my course is to work with families.By studying fitness at HPC I am not only educating myself to better my own family’s life, but I am learning how best to help other families understand the importance & benefits of incorporating movement & nutrition into their daily routines!

How is my experience at HPC?

HPC is more than what I could ever imagine. I am just sad that my time at HPC is coming to an end as I have met some wonderful people and am in the routine for turning up each week!

Everything we are being taught I have incorporated into my life, and my results and progress speak for themselves. I am feeling 500% better than what I did at the start of the course, my emotions and moods are better, my body is being fuelled correctly, and to top it off my son is loving how much energy I have to move and play with him at the parks – no more sitting back and watching (this is when he has come down to visit)!

I feel I have all the support in the world at HPC, which I find the most important when studying. We really are treated like family at HPC, and having the admin girls greet us each morning before class is amazing and the best start to our day of study!

There is so much involved in the course (in terms of learning about our bodies, the gym and how to be the best PT possible), that you really need a highly supportive, enjoyable and approachable environment! What stands out the most at HPC is that we are not viewed as “just students taking the course”, each and every staff member is willing to take the time to answer questions and guide us through our study journey. I am sure they have heard my questions a million times from others, but knowing that they are easy to talk to and willing to help is such a good feeling!

Why I chose HPC?

Last year when I started researching Certificate III & IV in Fitness I didn’t realise how many training providers offered the courses, and how they had different teaching styles, processes, and course lengths. Most I found were online-only modes of study, but I wanted to attend face-to-face classes.

Compared to the providers I looked at for weeks and weeks, HPC stood out for a number of reasons! I would be graduating with not only Cert III & IV but other certificates as well (which gives me a major advantage when I graduate), we are in the classroom 2 days a week, everything is covered in class face-to-face, practicals are done at the centre, we are given tablets with all study information on it, and it’s an 11 week course.

As I do not live on the Gold Coast, in order to temporarily leave my family for the duration of the course, I needed to be confident I was making the best decision possible. If I was to move I had to ensure that my time at HPC would be worth the financial and emotional commitment. Everything HPC offers is what I wanted and I could not recommend them enough to others wanting to study fitness! I would really love to stay on the Gold Coast and see where my journey takes me (I am still yet to decide where to from here), but I will be graduating in a few weeks fully prepared for my time as a Personal Trainer- something I do not think I would have got if studying elsewhere.


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