It was back in August 2009 that I decided to become a Personal Trainer and after researching the Industry I proceeded with HPC to obtain my Certificate III & IV. I remember one week into the course I was amazed at the amount of knowledge and the professionalism of HPC, it was then I realised I had made the right decision with choosing HPC to obtain my formal qualification.

There is an endless list of reasons as to why I strongly believe that HPC is by far the leader in the industry, however I will only mention a few. Firstly, any information that is passed on to the students is always backed by science which is of upmost importance; the course is both theory and practical based and of course the facility that you have access to throughout the duration of your course is first class state of the art equipment.

On completion of my course I was honoured to be offered a position at HPC as an Elite HPC trainer, I proceeded then to build my PT business based on the knowledge I gained from HPC and within 6 months I had profitable PT business that offered me financial reward and also the flexibility of running my own business.

After 2 years of success I decided it was time to branch out and this is when I looked into the option of owning my own 24hr Fitness Centre. I looked at many options, however they didn’t seem to meet my needs. It was then I decided to develop my own concept based on my needs and knowledge gained over the years as a PT.

It was on Saturday the 17th March 2012 that we opened our first 24hr Fitness Centre in the Burleigh Home space centre Burleigh Waters. We have only been open a week and so far we are having a great response. I believe the positive response has been due to the both the knowledge and experience I gained through HPC and the assistance from my business mentor.

Without these two elements we wouldn’t have been able to offer a facility of such high standards.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank GT and the team at HPC for all their help over the past 2 ½ years. I will miss the facility but I’m only down the road so I will surely pop in from time to time.


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