• Kristen Howard

Hey there, my name is Kristen and here's a little bit about my journey to become a qualified Personal Trainer ...

When my partner and I reconnected I started exercising again after having 2 little girls. As he runs his own business doing PT sessions and boot camps I jumped in and found myself loving it! After some discussion we decided that I too, would study and become qualified to help out and start focusing on different client groups. Jai had studied at HPC but as a single income family we looked for the cheapest option for me to study... BIG MISTAKE! Soon enough I was in a course. A few weeks in I realised things weren't progressing like I had expected and I found myself struggling to want to go to class. In the last few weeks I knew this course would not qualify me the way somewhere else would. I felt very unprepared and that with this level of education I would have a lot more money to outlay and more study to be undertaken to get me up to standard.

I called HPC and spoke to them about joining the next course. The girls were so helpful, understanding and did not judge the situation I found myself in. I enrolled. Within 2 weeks, I knew I was getting a better education than before. I loved going to class, my teachers were fantastic and they never had an issue helping us with any questions we had whether it regarded our course or our own personal training. The weeks flew by ... in the final weeks I felt confident, prepared and had found some new motivation for exercise and fitness.

Last week, I confidently graduated!! I'm now gaining clients and preparing new sessions for our business, Apogee Fitness.

I cannot thank HPC enough for the quality education and support I received and how amazing it felt/feels to be apart of the HPC family. I would recommend HPC to anyone.. For anyone considering it, DO IT! You won't regret it! :)


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