I am currently working out of Goodlife Health Clubs in Wintergarden, Brisbane City.

I am running a very successful business and have a big clientele base. I specialise in body recomposition & aesthetics – developing the body to balance size, and proportion. My specialisations are more than just weight loss, toning and muscle gain.

As a body re-compositioning specialist, I translate your general bodily appearance goals into a specific goal weight and body fat percentage. By then measuring your current weight and body fat I can calculate the exact change in weight, muscle and fat that you want, and it’s by measuring the controllable elements of your body composition that I can ensure repeatable success and justify methods that would be unthinkable to fitness trainers (such as zero cardio).

By measuring what needs to change, I am able to prescribe measured actions for you to take that means, specify every gram of food to eat and every weight to lift; there is no ambiguity; no wasted effort; and no wasted time! The re-comp process follows the same steps you would for achieving any other substantial goal.

What was the reason that you decided to get certified?

I wanted to start a career, in something I am passionate about and that I love and enjoy. I have always wanted a career where I get paid for doing something that doesn’t feel like work to me. I enjoy being in the gym all day, and being around others that share the same interests as myself.

Why did you choose HPC to complete your qualifications?

The reason I chose HPC to do my certs was because I had been told and heard good reviews, that it was THE PLACE to go, and that they held a high standard.

How do you feel HPC assisted you in your business endeavours?

Before I chose to do my course at HPC I was always very self driven and successful with most things I did and always put 100% effort into everything. With many years of being in a gym and having a sporting background, HPC gave me all the information and skills I needed to put everything together and create a successful business.

Any advice out there for people thinking about doing a Course?

If you are seriously thinking of doing a course in fitness, health, nutrition, etc. HPC IS the place to go! What I liked most about the course is that they required you to not only have to be able to be knowledgeable in the theory side of things, but also just as much in the practical side.

If you are choosing a career in fitness, it should mean you practice what you preach, and I feel that HPC come across that way. All successful trainers I know, are not only knowledgeable on paper about how the body works and how to train, and what to eat, they actually live it, and practice it.

In saying that if you are thinking of doing a course mainly for the knowledge side of things, HPC is definitely above standard to what I have heard about other institutions that just give you a book and expect you to read it. At HPC you are taught 100% of the way through and I guarantee that NO ONE will get left behind in class and be unsure about anything.

Any other comments about your HPC experience?

I looked forward to going to class every Sat and Sun for 12 consecutive weeks. I had a great teacher “ED” and a awesome group of class mates. I will personally say that I can guarantee that everyone who sits through a HPC course will thoroughly enjoy it, look forward to going back each day/week, make and meet lots of new friends that are like minded and have similar goals and interests, and most of all learn A LOT!!

I used to think I knew a lot about health and fitness but looking back at what HPC taught me I barely scratched the surface of what there is to know. Since I did my course at HPC, I have incorporated everything I learnt into my own training and nutrition and also changed the lives of many of my clients. HPC was an all round excellent experience and wouldn’t think twice about doing any other course anywhere else!!

Anthony can be contacted on anthony@recompclinic.com / antho52@hotmail.com or 0421177527


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