1. Smaller class sizes mean a greater education
2. It's claimed, facilitators with higher qualifications than Govt standard, automatically means a better education
3. Online training is good enough and flexible
4. Public athlete endorsements
5. Training being provided by a company that is not a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)


You will see this claimed statement many times from companies providing training however this declaration is based purely on the fact most cannot get a full class- period.

Think of when you were at School or University did you have only a class of five people? Most likely it was one teacher to 20 students at school or university could be over 100 students to one lecturer and your education level was never diminished.

Likewise we do have many full classes and sometimes we don’t however with our proven track record of producing elite standards in Personal trainers that are in the industry right this second making huge successes clearly proves their educational level was never ever compromised. We do many activities like boxing for fitness, group fitness and movement based games to name but a few that are immensely fun to facilitate and partake however the more people the better in these situations. You therefore get exposed to how to control a large group and even our smaller classes often combine to make these sessions larger so they are all exposed to different numbers.

Think about your environment it is incredible to be around people that think and are striving for the same goal as you, well the more people like that that you are exposed to, only translates to more motivation, more fun and thus creating an ideal environment to learn in. Think more students, more questions, more angles, more fun.

Do you go to a restaurant or say a nightclub that is always empty/ has no one on the dancefloor? - Or do you choose the one that is always busy, pumping and full of energy? Believe the hype there usually is really good reasons as to why one is busier compared to the other.


On the onset of this statement it would make sense but we believe this is highly debateable. Many companies list their staff as having this qualification and that qualification and that somehow makes their training to be a higher standard and we are not disagreeing that continued education can be beneficial but there is much more to consider. Sometimes you will see companies have a large claimed list of the facilitators you are supposedly getting exposed too all highly qualified but the reality is a lot of the time they do appear only as a guest facilitator if at all and then you don’t see then again. We have to say this is not the greatest situation for student and instructor relationships. Having a higher qualification doesn’t necessary mean you can relate well to people and that automatically means you are a good instructor based on a qualification only! Our real life experience has proven this statement correct many times over. Interesting these people quite often claim (as above in point 1) it’s a requirement to have small classes to get a quality education - yet they also claim having their level of qualification means better education for the student - yet they were educated in a large classroom like university with many students in comparison to one lecturer or instructor? Somewhat contradictive to say the least.

Our instructors go through many years of training before they are allowed to fully facilitate our courses. We have facilitators with university degrees but that does not automatically make then more suitable. Many times we have seen people facilitating courses that appear to have high qualifications but have never been a Personal trainer at all? Where is the real life experience to relate back to the students? As a registered training organisation and we have been one since 2006, there are stringent standards we have to meet in regards to the facilitators qualifications and we have always complied with these easily. These are set by the Government to ensure that standard and level of instruction is more than met and each student would never be compromised in the level of education being provided.

You also have to be very careful in the fact many are not aware of what a PT is actually allowed and not allowed to do based on the scope of the Cert IV in Fitness. In other words what are you insured for? Many times we have seen students being taught to do various things which are simply not covered in the event of a claim against them. You have to deliver at a Cert IV level as that is what the qualification is and what the insurance is based on, not higher qualifications.

So if it’s not qualifications only - what does HPC stand behind? Firstly ten solid years of an unsurpassed proven track record in certifying elite level personal trainers that many have become hugely successful. Their success is our poof of success. We have so many testimonials stating this exact fact. Amazingly a staggering 86% of our students are from word of mouth and that’s a fact we are really proud of. Our purpose built training centre leaves no doubt on our standards and professionalism.

Think of this scenario you have two financial advisers both have the qualifications and in fact one has a higher qualification above the standard required, however one is barely making money doesn’t own any assets and yet the other one has a proven record in helping people succeed financially has many assets and is living a luxurious lifestyle. Which one do you pick? We bet the qualification argument is invalid in this scenario and hence why we want you to consider more than that alone, in deciding who you are going to invest your money in educating you for your future success. Put simply don’t get financial advice from someone who has less money than you and doesn’t have the demonstrated track record.


We are astounded in the amount of people that we have retrained over the years that initially chose the online path in getting certified. Many admitted they decided on this path as it appeared to be cheaper, easier to fulfil and was more flexible in their time restrictions. The reality is many have found out, not to be true.

Firstly, personal training is an obvious hands-on type of career choice. How this can be achieved online is somewhat debatable. Imagine this scenario – you asked someone to give you a lift to the airport and you asked them “who taught you how to drive? and they responded “no-one, I learnt online”. What would be your reaction?

The marketing hype on online courses concentrates on many facets and one being that you learn in your own time and at your own pace. So let’s break this down and compare to a classroom environment. So you are at home, with possibly many distractions such as children, partners, pets etc. or you may actually be by yourself regardless, you have allocated 2 hours to learn. So you start your learning and you have numerous questions and these need to be answered for you to have an understanding and be able to progress. Who do you ask? You then send an email and say 48 hours later you receive a response however the 2 hours you allocated have now been lost which means you have to now allocate more time, not less.

Let’s compare this to a classroom. Firstly you are surrounded by like-minded, goal driven individuals that are all striving for the same result. You have specifically allocated time to your course without distractions. You have questions and the facilitator explains in detail so you understand and therefore can continue on your education. As many students (different ages, gender, background etc.) ask diverse questions and many times these may be something you have not thought of only further enhances your educational experience.

Many times, and we are sad to say this, you are sent to a gym for your supposed practical experience, if at all. You may be lucky enough to actually tag on to a successful PT and he or she may be able to demonstrate some worthwhile techniques and life experience. However the reality is many practical sessions are not of a high standard nor with a qualified trainer, nor in an environment that is conducive to learning. For example, when you first learnt to drive did you learn in the busiest road with all the distractions or did you start in a car park where it is quiet and progressed accordingly? Our purpose built training centre is for students and students only and we believe this provides the best environment to grow and develop.

We have seen so many people start online but the truth is many simply just don’t finish it due to lack of motivation and many people learn and develop in an environment that is theory and practical combined basis at the same time. Online simply is not.


As it is such public knowledge now, the amount of institutions that have been closed down with many having a high profile athlete endorsement clearly shows by having this does not automatically determine their credibility or quality. We don’t believe in paid endorsements as it is our belief this is simply paid fabrication. We believe in having our real success rate with students and allowing them, under their own undertaking endorsing us as the ‘go to’ place for fitness certification. As stated previously, we have amazingly a staggering 86% of our students are from word of mouth and that’s a fact we are really proud of – that is our endorsement.


This is one fact we wish people would do their research on. For us to be able to provide fitness qualifications it is mandatory for us to be a registered training organisation (RTO) and this is no easy process and requires strict and stringent Govt. standards we have to maintain or exceed. If a company is not an RTO and provides certificates then they are working under another RTO’s scope of qualifications. Why is this not ideal? In being an RTO, it means the Govt have certified us to provide the training. If you are considering a business that is not an RTO and have NOT been certified by the Govt to provide the training – how can you be confident that all necessary standards, level of education and compliance are being met? In being an RTO, the Govt has access to all our marketing, course content and all employee details. In choosing a non-RTO course, the Govt have certified the actual RTO but are reliant on them to ensure that their 3rd party course delivery business are upholding the standards. As with any thing in life, the more hands things pass through, the more the quality can become diluted.

It is sort of like, if someone gave you medical advice for example, and you asked them ‘are you a doctor?’ but they respond ‘no but my mate is’ – would you consider this quality advice? To be an RTO is a standard that we are proud of and when you become certified with us you will only have Human Performance Centre on your certificates signed by our Managing Director. This would not be the case in the example above as you would be getting certified by someone else and your certificate would say so.

To be a personal trainer you need to have completed your fitness qualifications as standard to be able to work and this of course make complete sense. If you found a person claiming to be a personal trainer but they did not process these necessary qualifications it certainly begs to ask the question- why don’t they have these. Are they not good enough to have them? Are they too lazy to complete the work necessary to have these qualifications? It’s abundantly clear in our experience and opinion you should choose an RTO over anyone else as they have been one certified to provide the qualification.


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